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You have our word that we will not send you meaningless drivel once a week. Our guess is 4x a year, maybe 6x if we tour.

“Girl You Changed” is a song that has Festival headliner written all over it! Vibrant, with punchy staccato strings, guitar and a chorus that is altogether catchy and reminiscent of modern 90’s rock” - Jane Lambert

Modern Mystery Blog

Their sweet melodicism amidst the feisty grooves and crunchy guitars may back that up to some degree – with the sweet, easy flowing acoustic ballad “Daughter” emphasizing the AC-ness - but Murray adventurously challenges this supposition when, in the midst of the explosive jam “Dead Mom” he lets out a guttural eight second scream that might make even Steven Tyler blush a bit. Overall, I tend to side with their belief that “anyone will dig it.”” - Jonathan Widran

— JW Vibe

“More Often Than Not”, pulls the listener in with a distinct voice & tone along with great playing by Kick and the Hug” - Jimmy Rae


Things may indeed be different, but one thing that will never change is the power and unity of rock n’ roll, a sound and a spirit that is on full display here during "Born Too Late."” - Aaron Willschick


(Girl You Changed) Great song! It's a summertime, top-down, driving in the sun with one hand jam. Love it !!!” - Chris MacDonald

— Freelance


Hey there. We've got a Podcast on Spotify called "F The Clock." Each episode is hosted by one of us in the band. Then, invariably...a long winded discussion ensues about the songs or the theme of the show. Don't take it too seriously. It's just a chat about songs that we think are worth turning people onto.  The songs could be old, fairly stale, or fresh out of the oven. We touch on some obvious artists, but always try and feature a few new ones for those of you that are always jonesing for some new music. And hey, if you're cooler than us and knew about them a year ago...please email us and you can be our next guest !  Give it a try. If you like it, be a hero and push the FOLLOW button on Spotify. We promise, nothing bad will happen. In fact, nothing will happen at all. It simply helps us escape the listener-less hell that is the Spotify Algorithms. Cheers.


Here's what we've got in store for 22' so far. Please check back often.  Email us if you would like to see us play a particular town or venue.